Brighten your days with our Apple, Blueberry, or Cranberry Almond
Crumble Flavors

Those perfect rainy days companion! Yummy crunchy Banana
Chocolate, Chocolate Cheese, or for our nut-lovers out there: Peanut Butter Chocolate!

A passionate baker and a healthy concept. A beautiful combination. The best marriage we could ask. TWEE offers a freshly baked, healthy, high quality, fresh fruits only ingredients.

The crumble comes either in a box of 4 or 8 pcs. So does the mini brownies that are available in a box of 8 pcs. While the TWEE-missu comes in a mini size ora 20-cm diameters cake.

Other than those
products that are mentioned, TWEE also offers sable
cookies flavors and muffin.

Crumble us any day now !!

Filter Studios did some amazing shot with TWEE on April 2016, together we represent the beauty of TWEE Crumble.